Five Top Tips to a Successful Logo Design Project

We’re proud to be able to offer a diverse range of creative services at Verkoop, from video production to website design - but one of our most popular creative services is Graphic Design and in particular, Logo Design.



Five Top Tips to a Successful Logo Design Project

We’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment to produce effective logos and branding for a variety of clients, and while each one will turn out differently we take each client and their logo through the same design process to achieve really great results for them. 


Branding a new business, product or project can be daunting - you want to get it perfect and really make an impact with new clients and customers. But fear not!
We’ve put together a list of Five Top Tips for anyone about to embark on, or considering starting a Logo Design Project for your business:

1 - Build A Scrapbook
This might sound like child’s play, but can be incredibly useful in the first stages of discussion with your graphic designer. Keep an eye out when you’re out and about, notice images, logos, colours and styles that you like the look of - take a quick photo of them or tear out anything your drawn to from magazines or industry publications.

If you’re in the earlier stages of setting something up this can also be a really useful way of building an idea for yourself on how you want to brand, decorate or develop the feel of your business or project. 

2 - Know Your Audience
Always important - not only for your business logo and any branding, but equally for pitching your services or messages to the right clients!

Knowing your audience will mean you can meet your graphic designer with clear information on whether your logo should be serious and corporate, or more relaxed and quirky.
Different styles will work for different briefs so be prepared to develop something that your target audience can appreciate. 

3 - Keep An Open Mind
Often with design work, the project goes through several phases or ‘drafts’. This is fairly standard practise for creative types but can be tricky to get to grips with for anyone who’s just keen to get to a finished result.

Your graphic designer should carry out research to further develop initial thoughts on theme and style discussed at your first consultation. Based on any research, they’ll then normally move on to produce a series of sketches relevant to both the information you’ve given them and the research they’ve gathered.  
Some designers share these with you, and some don’t - they may prefer to develop them to a point where they can show you a more finished digital representation.
Whatever form you’re presented these initial sketches in, there will probably be a few variations of them  - so take some time to look through them. Print them out, pin them up and let them sink in. You might have a clear favourite early on, or elements of a few different ones might grow on you.
Once you can look at them no more and have all your feedback, have a chat with your designer.

4 - Consider All Branding
A logo design isn’t just a header for your website or sign for above the door… It’s the identity of your business.
A well designed logo will work across a range of promotional material, assets and stationery. Make sure you consider how you’ll use the logo in not only the most obvious ways like on business cards and letterheads, but also on company goods like uniforms and vehicles. It’s good to cover all bases. 

5 - Know When to Stop Making Changes
It can be difficult to take off your creative hat and call your logo finished, but overdevelopment of logo designs is a real danger. Your graphic designer should be able to guide you here and keep you right - truth be told you could keep making tweaks to a logo (or indeed any design) for eternity, but you need to know when to accept that the design is complete.

There are a couple of reasons; firstly because an obscene number of revisions will end up pushing your project estimate and final cost much higher than you’d like and is really required… but most importantly, because when it comes to logo design less is more. 
The last thing your logo needs is to become over complicated, cluttered and messy - all consequences of over working a logo!
Look at the most successful logos around… Coca Cola, Nike, Apple - all highly recognisable, hugely effective and beautifully minimal.

Five Top Tips to a Successful Logo Design Project

Five Top Tips to a Successful Logo Design Project

Five Top Tips to a Successful Logo Design Project