I’m all over Social Media… I’m just not very Social

We’ve met with a few new clients here at Verkoop in the last couple of weeks, a couple of whom we’ve been discussing getting stuck into some social media projects with – something we’re really excited about getting started.

As part of the initial meeting and briefing stages with prospective clients, we make sure we ask lots of questions about their business, services, goals and current position with regards to what they’re actively doing to market and grow their business and customer base.


When discussing social media with new clients we feel it’s vital we get a good understanding of what platforms clients are knowledgable on and comfortable using, and which they either don’t know much about or haven’t considered as being of benefit to their business.

It’s great when we can work with clients to fill any gaps in their knowledge and help them grow in confidence with a particular social media platform that could really reach out to their customers and help to grow their business, there are always new apps and platforms being launched to get your head around and explore the benefits of…HOWEVER… it can be all too easy to sign up to everything going, and not reap too many rewards from any of them.

Don’t get drawn into thinking that if you’ve got a Twitter profile, Facebook page, Instagram account, Snapchat username AND a Pinterest board that you’re doing Social Media right!
When it comes to Social Media platforms, the key to success is often quality and not quantity.

Have one or two platforms and engage often on them. Can’t decide which platforms to choose? There are a lot – but look at your customer base, and more importantly your target audience… ‘make sure they use the platform you choose!’

Signing up for too many accounts across too many platforms can result in you not being clear with your messages, inconsistency in your campaigns and long periods of absence from your customers news feeds… none of which will help you grow your following or business.

Social Media can be incredibly powerful and increasingly could be the first thing your future customers will come across when they search for you in a search engine… so it’s worth putting some thought into it, and if you need some support Verkoop can help!