Staying Up To Date With Verkoop HQ

We wanted to make sure our clients were Staying Up To Date With what’s been happening at Verkoop HQ, and wow April has been a busy month! It was officially the first month we’ve been trading full time which meant having to get things organised in the office, setting up new clients with contracts for ongoing work and reaching out and networking with existing contacts to grow the business.

Despite the long days and steep learning curve, we’ve had an absolute blast during our first month of trading and it’s even becoming less daunting when we run out of stationery in the office and realise we need to restock the office supplies ourselves – hopefully an office manager will come in good time!


We’ve been delighted this month to confirm our continued involvement with two clients in particular,  becoming a named member of the team with Finding Your Feet Charity where we’ll be developing a relationship working on their PR, website maintenance and graphics requirements; and secondly taking on copyright and database projects for Govan based manufacturer and supplier, Rearo Laminates who produce laminate wet wall panels Selkie Board® and supply a range of surfacing products including wall panels and kitchen worktops to both public, trade and commercial consumers.

As well as these clients we’ll be involved with on an ongoing basis, we’ve welcomed projects from clients who have required website design, logo design and social media expertise. We very much look forward to completing these particular projects and hope to remain in touch with the businesses and individuals they concern.

With such a busy month behind us, it’s been tricky to find time to dedicate our resources to developing the Verkoop brand and services much – but that’s all about to change…
We locked Verkoop’s top creative and top business minds together in a room and the result is some really exciting plans for Verkoop Services and great ways in which our customers and followers can get involved in being part of the Verkoop Family.
We don’t want to give too much away before everything’s ready, but over the next few weeks we’ll be dropping news on service packages which have been put together to simplify how we offer services to clients, there’ll be exciting news of more collaborations which will benefit Verkoop customers and we hope to have our first ‘Verkoop Video’ ready to give you and insight into a day in the life at Verkoop HQ!

So a brief update, with lots more on it’s way.
Until next time #keepitverkoop