What’s been happening at Verkoop HQ?

What’s been happening at Verkoop HQ?

Logos, Newsletters and … DRONES!

It’s been a while since we put out a Verkoop update letting everyone know what we’ve been up to at Verkoop HQ!
It’s been a busy few weeks of logo design and branding, creating copy and images for a client’s quarterly newsletter and yes… we treated ourselves to a new toy – but our clients will benefit too, as we can now offer aerial stills and video footage, thanks to our new drone!

Verkoop Projects

We were delighted to be able to put together a Slam Dunk Festival styled wedding invitation design for an excited couple getting married in September this year. This job was great fun and will set the tone for their wedding as soon as it arrives through their guests door.

We spent several weeks working on developing a branding and logo idea for a new themed bar coming to Scotland soon. Their business and booking cards are now printed and delivered – keep an eye out for this place opening soon!

Another business card project for photographer Grant Hunter at Quirkysnaps. Grant needed a simple design and a quick turnaround at a low cost. No problem for Verkoop!

Vantar Von is a new lifestyle clothing brand from Glasgow that’s just launched to appeal to action sports and alternative lifestyle enthusiasts. We’ve worked with them on branding, their first t-shirt designs, setting up their social media, and online store design.

Finally, one of our most exciting projects in recent weeks has been working on the label design for the sample bottles at Wild Harvest Cider. We’ve worked with them for a while but their first batch of cider is ready for tasting so they needed some branding done for the front of the bottles. We can’t wait to have a taste finally!

It’s been a brilliant few weeks, and we’re already getting more exciting projects lined up for the weeks ahead. Remember if you or your business could do with taking advantage of any of the services we offer at Verkoop, just get in touch!